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DR. dr. H Amang Surya P.,SpOG,F-MAS

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Dr dr. H Amang Solar Priyanto, SpOG is a experienced obstetric and gynecology doctor. He had some training in health in some countries such as Singapore, India, Vietnam and the RCOG UK. Currently, he is the CEO of Total Life Clinic Surabaya.

This graduate of S-III Faculty of Airlangga University has worked in various hospitals. He began his career as a offshore Pertamina doctor, then became the Head of Puskesmas Hanura South Lampung, eastern Lampung Sukadana RSUD, and professor at the University of Lampung pogram Doctor education. Then moved to RS Petamburan Jakarta and became a obstetric and gynecology specialist on Budi Asih Hospital in Jakarta. After it he moved to Surabaya opening medical practices and work together with RS Mitra Keluarga and RS Husada Utama Surabaya. Total Life Clinic Surabaya.


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