• Dr. Yoshida

    dr. Yoshida, SpOG

    Hi, I am dr.Yoshida, Sp.OG, born in Padang May 13, 1972. I graduated from a general practitioner in FK UNAND 1997. Later I served as a PTT doctor in hospitals Sekarwangi Cibadak Sukabumi starting

  • Dr. Andri Syahril

    dr. Andri Syahril, SpOG

    Doctor Andri Syahril SpOG included as a one of the young obstetrics and gynecology doctor who practiced in BMC Hospital Padang. Born in Jambi, June 22, 1974, is specializes in obstetrics and gynecolog

  • dovy

    dr. Dovy Djanas, SpOG, KFM

    Hi, I am dr.Dovy Djanas, Sp.OG (K-FM). I was the son of West Sumatra, born in Padang on 19 April 1968. Already has 2 children and 1 beautiful wife. I graduated from the general doctor Andalas Universi