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dr. Taufik Jamaan, SpOG

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Born on July 27, 1966 in Padang, West Sumatra. Completed his education at the University of Indonesia, in the faculty of medicine (FKUI), passed into general practitioner in 1991 and then devoted himself to the community by being PTT in health centers Rumbai River West Sumatra. In 2000 graduated as a specialist in Obstetrics & Gynecology on the same university and is now becoming one of the medical team at IVF clinic Morulla (IVF) in Jakarta.

Active in discussions and organizations since attending college. became the general chairman of Student Senate (FKUI). Active in IDI Branch West Sumatra (1993- 1995) and served as secretary IDI Branch, East Jakarta (1999-2002). Here are some of the activities of the organization and the profession ever followed :

-        PB PERMI committee (Menopause Society Indonesia) (2009-2012)

-        POGI Committee - Jaya (Obsetetri and Gynecology Society of Indonesia) (2009-2012)

-        Member of Indonesia Gynaecology Endscopy Society (IGES)

-        Committee (PB) of the Indonesian Doctors period 2003- 2006 and 2006- 2009

-        Committee of medical ultrasonic assembly Indonesia (Puska) (2009-2012)

-        Member of the Reproductive Endocrinology fertilization Indonesia (HIFERI)

-        Committee of PERFITRI

Besides being active in the organization and the profession, he is also active on international level, here is the following name and international organizations ever followed:

-        Member of International Society Of Ultra Sound In Obstetric and Gynecology (ISUOG)

-        Member of European Society Of Human Reproduction and Embryologi (ESHRE)

-        Member of American Society of Reproductive Medicine (ASRM)

-        Member of Australasian society of Ultrasound medicine (ASUM)

-        Member of Asia Pacific Initiative of Reproductive and Embryology (ASPIRE)

-        Member of INDTEAD ALUMNI-France, Caring Physicians of the World – World Medical Association (CPW–WMA)


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