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dr. Aryando Pradana, SpOG

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Dr Aryando Pradana, SpOG are experts in obstetrics and gynecology who has an interest in the field of women's reproductive health, laparoscopic technology and robotic surgery . After completing general doctor education from FKUI , he served in St.George Hospital, London to add insights in the field of gynecology. He then continued his education as a specialist at the FKUI, Jakarta and pass in a short time and was awarded a Tadjuluddin Award as the best Obgyn graduate in Indonesia.

Dr.Aryando Pradana join Morula IVF Jakarta because he has a passion in helping couples who have problems in trying to have a baby, he was convinced that the clinic Morula is the best IVF clinic and have the best facilities and convenient service to help couples to get expected baby.


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