• arie

    dr. Arie Adrianus Polim,D.MAS, SpOG(K)

    Dr Arie Adrianus Polim, D.MAS, SpOG (K), is one of Obstetrics and Gynecology doctor with subspecialty consultants Fertility Reproductive Endocrine owned by RSIA Bunda Jakarta. He studied reproduction

  • ivan

    Dr. Ivan Sini, SpOG

    Dr Ivan Sini is a gynecologist who has had many experience and recognized reputation both inside and outside the country. He is a graduate of the FKUI (Faculty of Medicine University of Indonesia) who

  • indra

    Dr. Indra N.C Anwar

    Dr. Indra NC Anwar is the most senior member of infertility doctor in Morula IVF Jakarta. He has a long experience in the field of IVF services in Indonesia. He is a graduate of FKUI (Faculty of Medi

  • irham

    Dr. Irham Suheimi, SpOG

    Dr Irham Suheimi SpOG is a doctor that graduate from University of Andalas who took specializes in the University of Indonesia, where Dr. Irham awarded best SpOG graduates. He already got training and

  • taufik

    dr. Taufik Jamaan, SpOG

    Born on July 27, 1966 in Padang, West Sumatra. Completed his education at the University of Indonesia, in the faculty of medicine (FKUI), passed into general practitioner in 1991 and then devoted

  • Anggia

    Dr. Anggia M Lubis, SpOG

    dr. Anggia M Lubis is a gynecologist doctor graduated from the University of North Sumatra. He has been trained as an infertility expert and were trained as laparoscopist in World Laparoscopy Hospital

  • arie

    Dr. Arie Adrianus Polim,D.MAS, SpOG(K)

    Dr. Arie Adrianus Polim,D.MAS, SpOG(K), adalah salah seorang dokter Obstetri dan Ginekologi dengan subspesialis konsultan Fertilitas Endokrin Reproduksi yang dimiliki oleh RSIA Bunda Jakarta. Ia...

  • caroline

    Dr. Caroline Hutomo, SpOG

    This Obstetrician doctor began his career as a general practitioner. After graduating from Faculty of Atma Jaya, dr. Caroline Hutomo devote himself to the public as a clinic doctors. His work as a med

  • ariando

    dr. Aryando Pradana, SpOG

    Dr Aryando Pradana, SpOG are experts in obstetrics and gynecology who has an interest in the field of women's reproductive health, laparoscopic technology and robotic surgery . After completing genera

  • arif (1)

    Prof Arief Boediono PhD

    Prof. Arief Boediono PhD is Embryologist (embryologist) alumni of Japan in 1996. Armed with knowledge and experience in the field of biotechnology for the study of modern reproduction, he become one o

  • Agustine

    Dr. Agustine Y. Tandang

    dr. Agustine Y. Tandang is a very experienced IVF counselor. She has joined the Morula team since 15 years ago. Counseling for the preparation of IVF is very important to follow the stages filled with

  • Pamela

    Dr. Pamela Mulyana

    Dr Pamela is a doctor with specialized training in the field of ultrasonography. She is as well a ultrasonography lecturer from PUSKI.