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Delaying Pregnancy and Its Risk on Fertility


Pregnancy is indeed have to be planned and need for preparation. Couples that have decided to marry, does not mean they are necessarily ready to have a child. Many couples that want to delay having a child with several reasons like want to adapt with each other, finish their education, reach economic stability, just transferred to a new job, and other reasons like that.

Delaying the pregnancy was believed could impact to infertility. Is it true like that? To delay pregnancy until the age limit of decreasing ovum quality (32 years old) will affect fertility. This is because ovum quality will decrease in accordance with the increase of age.

Decreasing ovum quality will lower the chance for pregnancy to occur. Delaying pregnancy using the IUD contraception could bring up a small risk for infection in pelvis to happen.The lack of cleanliness maintenance in vaginal area could ease bacteria to enter the uterus and nesting in contraceptives. Infection which marked by vaginal wet mount could enter the fallopian tube and clog the vessel and could hamper the sperm in reaching the ovum.

While delaying pregnancy using hormonal contraceptives, especially Depo-Provera, injection and Norplant, it takes time to bring back hormonal cycle to its original form, like before using these contraceptives. Pill, in its nature, is to prevent the production of cervical liquid which useful to fasten the sperm’s speed.

Depo-Provera and implant in its nature is to prevent the ovulation and menstruation happen. So that when the use of these two contraceptives stopped, occasionally it could take a long time to regain the normal ovulation and menstruation cycle.

Discuss the types of contraceptives that safe and suitable with your doctor.


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